smartphone holder

See the Smartphone Holder in action

Universal Fit

The Smartphone Holder is designed to securely hold iPhone, Android Devices, and most smartphones with protective cases. Compatible with devices up to:
5.9” (h) x 2.9” (w) x 0.625” (d)

Easy, Instant Removal

Don't waste time prying your smartphone out of bulky holders or changing between cycling specific phone cases. The Smartphone Holder features a durable elasticated bungee for easy in/out access of your device. Although engineered to withstand heavy road vibrations and other bumps, the secure bungee is still stretch friendly.

Positioning On Your Terms

We understand that your handlebars are very precious real estate. That is why we include a stem cap and handlebar mounting bracket with each Smartphone Holder. A clever ratcheting system on each mounting bracket allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your device.

Weather Protection Bag

Protect your device from rain, sweat, etc.. with the included waterproof baggy. Touchscreen is still accessible while your smartphone is in the bag.

Securing Cam Lock

Securing cam lock adds additional security to your device during those extra bumpy moments.


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