Airzound Horn

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Airzound Horn

The world’s loudest bicycle horn, the Airzound easily clamps onto any 22-26mm handlebar. Ideal for urban riding when you need to let traffic know you’re there! This revolutionary bike air horn requires no batteries or cartridges and refills with any bike pump. The volume control switch makes it easy to adjust this bike horn to your surroundings.

Super Loud 115 db

  • No batteries or cartridges required
  • Volume control switch
  • Clamp for mounting on 22 - 26mm handlebar
  • Refills with any bike pump
  • 35" from bottle to clamp Can be extended additional 35" with uption Tube Extension Kit
  • Weight: 227g

Actual product colors may differ from pictures

Please contact for airzound technical inquiries and warranty issues.

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